Pollution is all around us –
from the air we breath to the
soil beneath our feet to the
water and food that we entrust
to sustain us – but the world is
coming to a tipping point.


Communities around the world are roasting, dehydrating & choking their
people & this decade will determine quality of life for 8 billion people.

Combining individual & institutional social responsibility, action & funding one
planet on people’s groundbreaking sustainability “renew” program is the
collaborative solution needed to push back on these tipping point issues.

THE HARSH REALITY: Individually, our contribution to these problems
is as insignificant as a single drop of water in the vast ocean. But collectively — as individuals and organizations — we are all contributors to the crisis and, left unchecked, it will lead to the end of Quality of Life for Humans on the Planet.

THE SOLUTION: Fund and enact Collaborative Action-Based Programs and Initiatives that provide real world solutions to Air, Water and Earth pollution problems