Over the past decade, we have developed over 40 programs, books, courses, workshops, events, and initiatives designed to engage and inspire people of every race, religion, nationality, age, gender, experience, education, or income.

We can no longer afford to do business, education, or government the same way as in the past — the problems of the world are simply too large and too dangerous. We must stop the fractional approach we have always used and collaborate to succeed or possibly even survive.

CSR Programs & Initiatives that Connect & Produce Action:

H.E.A.R.T. Education for Quality of Life (E-QL) are Education & Action Programs Designed to Engage & Inspire Based on The Four Pillars of “One Planet One People” — Civility, Social Responsibility, Volunteerism & Global Citizenship — Teaching Kindness, Diversity, Inclusion & Responsibility through Life Skills

Cause: To Solve Many of the Social Problems Facing Society We Need to Engage & Inspire Youth of All Ages through Planned Acts of Kindness and Increased Civility

Problem: The Youth of Today & Tomorrow are Frustrated and Upset about the World they are Inheriting as Society’s Seemingly Insurmountable Problems are Due to Become their Problems
Consequence: Children and Young Adults are Becoming Increasingly Isolated, Lonely, Anxious, Frustrated, and Upset and are More Likely to Exhibit Self-Destructive Behavior, or Engage in Abusive, Anti-Social Actions

Solution: Provide Youth in Schools — from four to 18 years old — with HEART-based action programs starting with Daily Planned Acts of Kindness they can do in school, with family, friends, and in the community where they achieve recognition & rewards based on their positive behavior. This system builds and strengthens relationships and leads to a stronger sense of community — both keys to living happier and healthier lives while acting as a support network that helps lessen the damaging effects of problems.

Corporate Action: “Be The Hero!” and Help Bring HEART Education for Quality of Life (E-QL) into Schools Around The World!

Boost your company’s Leadership, Management, Team Building and Transformative Public Relations on a local, regional, national, and global scale as you form groups that bring HEART-centered kindness and civility programs into schools for children of all ages. Hold competitions, events and fund-raisers with Leaderboards and employee recognition and rewards components. Challenge other departments, divisions, or even companies

Works in conjunction with Collaboration Impact Areas to reduce abuse, violence, loneliness, anxiety, isolation, depression, mental health issues in children (and adults) and promote healthy relationships and stronger community ties.

Collaboration Impact Area: Violence, Crime & Mental Illness Reduction leading to greater Health, Happiness & Wellness in individuals and billions of dollars in societal cost savings. 

Cause: Putting “civil” back into civilization by restoring socialization skills in children, youth, and adults’ daily behaviors.

Problem: Individuals, influencers, companies, and governments are becoming increasingly divisive and intolerant, leading to increased mental illness, violence, and crime.

Consequence: The lack of civility harms people’s Quality of Life on both sides of the issue while escalating the cost to society in terms of actual dollars.

Solution:Add Planned Acts of Kindness activities into people’s lives through a network of programs and initiatives that form a civility-based support system. Programs start with school children as young as four years old and continue throughout adult life through collaborations with faith-based and non-profit organizations, higher education, companies, and governments.

Corporate Action: Form teams to engage the stakeholders of various target groups, from school children (students, parents, principals, superintendents of education, influencers, mayors, governors) to the incarcerated (families, wardens, superintendents of prisons, congress) to establish quantifiable prevention programs.

By providing programs in schools and prisons for every 100,000 people we prevent from going to prison or returning to prison, we save taxpayers and society *$54.5 billion annually.


• The United States has the largest prison population in the world at 2.2 million incarcerated — equal to the combined total of the two most populous countries in the world China and India. However, China and India have 10 times the population of the United States

• The annual cost of the 2.2 million incarcerated to U.S. taxpayers and society is $1.2 trillion — that’s trillion, not billions

• In comparison, the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs benefit 154 million Americans annually at a total cost of $1.4 trillion

• One goal of our NPOs is to establish a series of support programs that reduce the prison population and save the American public $54.5 billion for every 100,000 people — money that is desperately needed elsewhere

• But enacting our Quality of Life programs have even greater benefits for People & Society:

Greater Respect • Greater Tolerance • Greater Civility
Less Abusive Behaviors • Better Relationships
Less Anxiety, Loneliness & Depression
Lower Drug Use • Fewer Suicides
Less Mental Health Issues
Lower Violence Rates
Lower Murder Rates
Lower Crime Rates

In Short Happier, Healthier People & Stronger Families, Neighborhoods, Communities, Businesses & Government

The Collaboration Think Tank Network addresses the most pressing problems humanities faces — from climate change, pollution, pandemics, and war to global economic, health, and social inequalities that threaten the Quality of Life for kids, people, and the planet.

Cause: Collaborating to Achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Problem: We are using a Fractional approach to solve Global Issues & it will not work.

Consequence: Over the next decade, 8 billion people will undergo catastrophic economic, social, and health issues.

Solution: One Planet One People’s Collaboration Think Tank is designed to bring together Influencers and Institutions to provide actionable solutions, programs, products, and delivery systems to improve people’s Quality of Life around the world and prevent the Tipping Points from causing wholesale massive destruction.

Corporate Action: Demonstrate your company’s CSR leadership and invite clients, prospects, suppliers, influencers, partners, competitors and institutional players including government agencies, non-profits, and universities — to join the Collaboration Think Tank Network and work to deliver actionable solutions for individuals (from the grassroots up) to organizations (working the top down).

Action: “Be The Hero!” and be part of the solution by becoming a member of the Collaboration Think Tank Network as an Ambassador, Volunteer, Influencer, or Institutional Partner. All nationalities, all languages, all welcome. Learn more and sign-up through the PAK App.

One Planet One People Clubs: Addressing the most pressing problems we face: from climate change, pollution, pandemics, and war to global economic, health, and social inequalities that threaten the Quality of Life for kids, people, and the planet

Cause: Help People develop real world skill training while helping other people around the World achieve better Quality of Life outcomes through Collaborative Programs, Books, Events & Initiatives regardless of Nationality, Race, Religion, Age, Gender, Education or Income

Problem: Most Educational Systems don’t provide us (or our children) with Real World Social & Skill Development that has a Direct Positive Impact on Other People’s Quality of Life

Consequence: Students and Graduates often don’t develop the practical skills they need in their lives and careers until they are out of school, and billions of people never receive the support they need to enhance their health, happiness, and wellness.

Solution: To Provide Youth and Adults with a Support Program that Helps Them Build Quality Relationships, Skills and a Strong Sense of Community While Doing Engaging Activities that Provide Quality of Life for People Around the World.

Corporate Action: “Be The Hero!” and help bring One Planet One People Clubs into schools, companies and communities on a local, national or global scale. May include collaborations with sports teams, influencers, celebrities, etc. Also, provides a pathway for company employees to volunteer and/or mentor others.

Our Mission is to have 1POP Clubs in all 200 countries by the end of 2024 providing social, skill, and community development to hundreds of millions. Only with your help and support will we make it happen this quickly. 

Education & Action Books That Engage & Inspire Behavioral Transformation

ONE: The Fight for Survival of the Human Race

 Your Guide to the Collaborative Programs & Initiatives
Needed to Help Solve Social, Environmental & Economic Issues
on a Local to Global Scale at your Company, Faith-Based
Non-Profit Organization, Gov’t Agency, School, Network or Home

RE: Social Responsibility. The ONE book helps people & organizations … 

1) understand why we are failing to solve local, national, and global issues on an individual and institutional level

2) learn how we — as individuals and members of organizations — can work together on achieving the United Nations 17 SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

3) use kindness and action to positively impact issues from mental health to numbers of people in the prison system

4) discover ways they can push back against the six major tipping points that will affect quality of life for billions of people on the planet over the next few years

5) identify groundbreaking, innovative programs and initiatives that work to solve real-world problems for everyone regardless of nationality, race, religion, age, gender, education, or income

6) bring quality of life programs and initiatives directly to the attention of institutions including schools, faith-based, non-profits, government agencies and businesses

The Working Dead
The Essential Money Management Book for Yourself, Your Family & Your Future

The Working Dead helps people:

1) understand why this country is in a financial crisis and how Wall Street, Banks, Companies, Universities, and the Government profit from it

2) learn important financial concepts that are not being taught on any educational level even if you majored in finance, economics, or business

3) analyze where they are financially

4) set their personal and financial goals & dare to dream again

5) with proven programs that give them the foundation to become financially independent

16 Things We All Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet!
*Mental Health Special Edition

Featuring Solutions & Actions Plans by 32 of the Best & Brightest Experts
Plus Free Access to One Planet One People Book-Based Workshops & Clubs

This 16 Things Mental Health book helps people:  

1) Understand the global perspective on mental health 

2) Understand the behaviors that fall under mental health problems

3) Recognize and identify red flag behaviors that can lead to more serious consequences

4) Understand what we can do to help address problems before they escalate and tip

5)  Understand why it’s important to take action on these issues

Please Note:

*16 Things books can be produced on any SDG subject including Mental Health, Sustainability, Pollution, Green Energy, Kindness & Civility, Abuse, Gender Tolerance, Autism, Food Loss Waste & Hunger, Personal Finance, Greek Life, Education, Equality, Etc.

Each book features 16 problems and solutions addressed by two experts per issue who share what we must do to solve the problem and why we must take action.

Experts can come from one or multiple disciplines, or if appropriate, can be from a targeted group, i.e., celebrities, athletes, business leaders, scientists, influencers, government officials, coaches, etc. 

Legacy Lifelines Memorial Book
Creating a Keepsake to Keep the Joy & Happiness of a Lost Loved One Alive for You, Your Family & Future Generations

The Legacy Lifelines Memorial book helps:  

1) Bring Your Loved Ones’ Life to Light 

2) Helps Heal from Loss         

3) Forge Stronger Connections

4) Create Joy & Happiness 

5) Keeps Loved One Alive in Hearts & Minds

6) Helps Build Generational Bonds

Instruction & Guidance from the Source — Author & Educator, Lyle Benjamin

Social Responsibility Entrepreneur: Lyle Benjamin (BA, University of Florida) has been creating and developing self-help books, magazines, games, programs, and systems for over 35 years. Benjamin is the Founder of the 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Educational Organizations, Planned Acts of Kindness & One Planet One People and has created over 40 Work/Life Balance CSR programs & initiatives for businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and government. Benjamin is a licensed Financial Advisor & author of “The Working Dead: The Essential Guide on How to Protect, Save & Invest for Yourself, Your Family & Your Future.

Course Specifications

  • 6 Weeks Live Training Weekly (2 Hours/Weekly)  
  • Live Program Integration Class (1 Hour/Weekly) 
  • Homework (1 Hour/Weekly)
  • Project Management & Leadership
  • Team Building, Recognition

Live Integration:

  • Team Building (Volunteer Recruiting & Retainment)
  • Project Management (On-Boarding & Retainment)
  • Homework
  • Surveys


  • Certifications Awarded
  • Course Completion Pizza Party
  • Team Building Recognition & Rewards
  • Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation
  • NPO Tie-Ins
  • Positive Public Relations for Company

The Schedule:

  • Six Weeks: Two Sessions Weekly
  • Tuesday: Training: 1-3 PM EDT
  • Friday: Reporting & Q&A: 12-1 PM EDT


  • Zoom Meetings

Course Materials

  • Reference Book: “ONE: The Fight for Survival of the Human Race”
  • Reference Book: “The Working Dead”
  • Surveys
  • Checklists
  • PowerPoint/PDF Material
  • Rewards
  • Certification

Learning Objectives:

By participating in the Work/Life Balance Collaborative Course, you will Learn the Systems you need to Properly:

• Improve Company Culture 
• Optimize HR Recruitment & Retainment
• Lower Costs & Exceed HR & CSR Goals
• Enact Employee & Family Benefits Programs
• Institute Organizational Team Building
• Expand Management & Leadership Roles
• Implement Sustainability Initiatives
• Enhance Branding, Marketing & Public Relations
• Exceed Shareholder & Stakeholder Objectives


Learning Outcomes:

The Work/Life Balance Collaborative Course
Unlocks the Power of CSR to Supercharge Your Company!

Participants come away with a detailed CCIP (Customized Collaboration Impact Plan)
specific to their organization’s needs and objectives.

Sign-Up Now and Start Seeing Results!


Course Content:

WEEK 1:  Introductions & Course Overview:

  • Lesson 1: A Crisis in the Workplace & *Four Essential Foundation Areas
  • Lesson 2: Objectives of the training program
  • Lesson 3: Benefits of the training program
  • Lesson 4: Quality of Life programs that impact CSR
  • Homework: Review CSR Quality of Life Programs & Choose One for Your Live Integration
  • Live Integration & Office Hours Class

*Four Essential Foundation Areas:

  • Internal & External Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CSR Team Building Programs
  • Career Track Management
  • Personal, Family & Financial Development

WEEK 2:  The Need, The Problems, The Solutions & The Benefits:

  • Lesson 1: A World in Crisis
  • Lesson 2: Understanding the Problems as they Relate to Corporate Health
  • Lesson 3: Providing Solutions through Global Collaborative Programs
  • Lesson 4: The Benefits Extend Well Beyond the Bottom Line
  • Homework: Survey to Management and Employee
  • Live Integration & Office Hours Class

WEEK 3:  Team Building & Volunteer Programs with Quantifiable Corporate, Employee, National & Global Impact

  • Lesson 1: Introductions & Overview
  • Lesson 2: The Problems Associated with Omission and Impotence
  • Lesson 3: The Solutions & Benefits Come from Impact, Achievement & Recognition
  • Lesson 4: Exploring Options & Outlining Goals
  • Homework: Survey to Management and Employee
  • Live Integration & Office Hours Class

WEEK 4:  Training & Career Track Management

  • Lesson 1: Employee’s Need for Training & Development (Stats)
  • Lesson 2: The Essential 8 Foundation Skills
  • Lesson 3: The PMOROS Project Management System
  • Lesson 4: Action PAKs
  • Homework: Create an Action PAK
  • Live Integration & Office Hours Class

WEEK 5:  Custom Benefit Programs:

  • Lesson 1: Introductions & Overview
  • Lesson 2: The Problems Associated with Omission and Impotence
  • Lesson 3: The Solutions & Benefits Come from Impact, Achievement & Recognition
  • Lesson 4: Exploring Options & Outlining Goals
  • Homework: Survey to Management and Employee
  • Live Integration & Office Hours Class

Your Company Needs This Course When Your Employee Benefits Plan
Doesn’t include these Four Foundations: Safety, Growth, Protections & Zero Taxation

WEEK 6: Creating Your Custom Company Game Plan (to Exceed Stakeholder, Shareholder, Employee & Corporate C-Suite Objectives)

  • Lesson 1: What’s Your Cause? Solving the SDGs with “The Collaboration Think Tank Network”
  • Lesson 2: Restoring Kindness & Civility through Education, Action, Recognition & Rewards Programs
  • Lesson 3: Sustainability Programs
  • Lesson 4: Books, Workshops & Communities: How to Create Behavioral Change on a Local, National & Global Scale
  • Lesson 5: Campaigns & Challenges: Volunteers, Team building, CSR, PR & Quality of Life Impact

Homework: Final Assessment Checklist & Survey

  • Live Integration, Certifications Awarded & Pizza Party

• PMOROS Project Management System
• Teambuilding
• Homework
• Surveys
• Real World Quality of Life Program

Course Fees

  • Books & Materials: ONE & The Working Dead                           $      99.

  • 6-Week Work/Life Balance Collaborative Course:                    $  6,800.

  • 50% Early Adaptor Discount:                                                        $ -3,400.

  • Course Fee:                                                                                         $  3,400.

  • Additional Team Members (includes B&M fee):                        $  2,500.

  • Group & Enterprise Rates:                                                        Contact Support

Optional Integrations

  • Option 1: W/LBC Course with Management & Leadership Integration $+2,900.
    (2 additional hours per week for 6 weeks)

    • The ONE Book
    • The Working Dead
    • Legacy Lifelines Memorial Book
    • 16 Things We All Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet

      Option 2: Custom Cause-Driven Company Book Production (includes 5 books):

      All books include: 8-Page Full Color Spread, CEO on Cover,
      CEO Foreword, Chapter on Company, CEO Biography, Lead Name
      & Individual Team Members in Acknowledgement Page

      Make Book Selection:

  • Option 2A:  Custom Cause-Driven Company Book: (18-20 Week Delivery) $34,800.
    (1 additional hour per week for 22 weeks)

    Option 2B:  Cause-Driven Custom Company Book (8-10 Week Delivery)     $48,800.
    (2 additional hours per week for 12 weeks)

    Option 3: Delivered Book Quantity:                                                                               TBD
    (See pricing schedule)

    Proceeds Help Support Educational Outreach, Engagement, Inspiration & Action Programs of the NPO’s Planned Acts of Kindness & One Planet One People